I Had A Black Dog

I Had A Black Dog
Author: Matthew Johnson 
Release Date: 24th May 2007

I Had A Black Dog, a picture book for those currently looking after one of their own. 

The black dog runs with me from time to time, he likes to jump on my lap and refuse to get off. He also tugs and pees on the floor. This picture book helped me visualise the beast and it was great to show people the dog in easy to understand visuals. It wasn’t a solution for myself, but it makes you realise those little things you do or feel, are shared by many. A rare picture book for adults which manages to inform  without coming across as too patronising. The great ways the black dog is inserted into the picture is what makes it.

What is this black dog a visual metaphor of? Why, that would be that little thing called depression.  Bad dog! When I’m down, and when I get down I get really down, a flick of this and things feel a little lighter. Just a little.


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