The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 20: The Day Before

It’s the day before the winner is revealed and things are getting intense. View the video here: and give it a like and share to help support me to the very end! Also like this link: and either like video three or vote in the poll for video three. Every vote, view and share counts!

A couple of questions have popped up during this competition. One wonders if this will be on TV. No. The other asks how the winners gets decided. I don’t know really. But I’ve decided to do some speculation on how they may pick the winner. Grab that cup of tea and settle down for some small discussion on views, likes, briefs and quality. And not the underwear briefs.

The competition became known to the public last Tuesday and the first task for the public was vote by liking their video of choice on either Facebook or YouTube. Ten days were given to gather interest before the big reveal  and on the sixth day of the competition another option to vote was created through a poll. With three different ways to vote, it is hard to determine which one will be the deciding factor, but I imagine it will be a combination of all three. The poll came far too late into the competition to be the deciding factor, to do so would be to tear apart the previous six days of promotion and effort. Plus you don’t actually have to view the video with the poll option, it’s just a case of mass messaging everyone you know. So in the like competition, I’m sure all three will be taken into account. I don’t think Typhoo are a group to suddenly change the rules at the last-minute.

The next way they may determine a winner is through views. How far did it spread and how many people are watching. Because it is a competition between five different videos, views shouldn’t be too wildly different, as people will want to watch all of them before casting a vote. But, views is certainly one factor that will be taken into account.

Thirdly is the judges role to judge the videos based on their qualities and how close they stuck to the rules given. The brief states that the video should be under 3 minutes, contain viral qualities and contain values of heritage, eco, oo, quality, Typhoo red, British and community. I can imagine these elements will come into play, or there would be no point in giving a brief and just asking us to make a video about Typhoo Tea. I’d have done a 90 minute black and white German film with a bank robbery if nothing was set down. It is laughable to think they will discard the rules set however, so this point should largely be moot.

Finally it will all come down to the quality of the video. Is it well shot, entertaining, gives Typhoo something which paints a decent image of their brand. You can follow the rule book, get the most views, but if it is a video not fit for the outdoors, then it won’t be winning. Like a topless guy dancing with a maraca, for example.

I’m sure everything will be taken into account though, and I speculate that all these things will be discussed before making the ultimate decision. Tomorrow is the day…

And I’m still collapsed on the floor.

I’m not very good at being serious.


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