The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 21: And The Winner Is…

And there you have it. We pushed hard, then just as we were about to pull out we… hey! Keep the innuendo out of here! This is a celebration, not a gag a minute blitz!

I am very happy that the video I and my friends made ended up as the chosen winner. A lot of effort went into the production, and the main thing was to believe in the project all the way through. A slight sense of doubt and things wouldn’t work out, it is a tough old world getting something out there. The support was amazing and I thank everyone for pushing the video forwards. And it was some really hard pushing.

The screening was the most intense moment. I nearly lost it when introducing the video, but managed to pull it back with talks of fez’s and The Shining. I could definitely feel the exhaustion from the competition reaching its end tugging me off. And I feel such a huge sense of relief and sleepiness that I only know how to write dirty jokes at every turn. One thing I liked was the collection of orange juice, water bottles and chocolate I threw into my bag. If I had a bigger bag I would have taken it all. Maybe I’ll buy one with the prize money.

The day finished outside with photos and I got to know the people on the Typhoo Team a little better. Again, the positive response warmed my heart and I’m glad to have been a part of it all.

And so ends the Typhoo competition.

But maybe not quite the end of these updates.


3 thoughts on “The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 21: And The Winner Is…

  1. Hello Joe!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations on winning the contest. You really did well and the video left me laughing. The music is sooo addictive! Once again, WELL DONE!

    Loads of hugs and pats on the back,

  2. Thanks, Dite!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video, one of my aims was to make something universal. Even if it was largely inspired by a 15 rated horror movie. You should watch it some day. Though not today.
    Maybe with this victory I can go off to make even more adverts! I’ll have to get my music man on the case again, I think we make an excellent duo!

    Thanks again!

    Joe Ray W

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