March 2012 Was The End Of A Lot Of Things

March was eaten up by anxiety. At the end of the month, anxiety has taken a brief respite as it prepares to come back full force for a deadline riddled April. I let him stay over because it’s what I know. Anxiety is the friend you don’t really like, but can’t seem to turn away. He lived with me all through March. He needs to get a job so he can rent out some place again. 

With March gone so did a number of other things. My last university classes came to an end, the Typhoo Competition finished with a happy ending and some ties were torn apart elsewhere. I can’t tie a tie properly anyway. It was also sad to see most of the Game/Gamestation stores in the city to close up, I had a few friends there and I hope they quickly find new work. The days of loitering and not buying anything are over. Sitting in front of a computer and browsing online just isn’t the same. Can I start talking to the customer service about the weather?

March will be remembered for the bits in between the freaking out. Getting a great team together to film a funny video the public enjoyed, then going on to winning the competition and having something worthwhile to put on my CV. Discovering Mello Mello in Liverpool with the old school hip hop iPod. Then nearly getting knocked out for trying to recruit someone’s girlfriend onto the video. She could have been a star! Whoever she was.


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