Xbox 360 BBC iPlayer App

This is great, instead of playing Rumble Roses I’ve spent the evening enjoying Coast. It doesn’t look horrible on me big TV and it didn’t stutter once! No HD, or at least Coast on BBC HD didn’t look as shiny as some HD things I’ve witnessed, but with all the shows BBC has this kicks the other apps down a notch. It even breaks the Xbox app rules by being free for all users and having a different interface, making for easy searching. This is how all apps should be, and I can see myself using it a lot. Because Coast is truly the pinnacle of television. Some shows like Family Guy aren’t available, which isn’t a shame. Same as the website in this case, and it makes a change to have an app release with everything available from the start.

Now give us Psychoville Series 3! BBC really half arsed their promotion on series 2 last year to make way for other shows. The only reason I’ve done this post is to have this mini end moan, but the next thing Reece and Steve bring the table, they should treat it better! Or else I’ll have another mini moan. And they hate mini moans.


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