The Typhoo Video Project Developer Diary 23: Press Release 2

The second press release to announce the success of the project and some pictures have been unleashed! God, do I miss having my hair that long… and it’s only been a few days!

And here is the press release. I was very happy that they used my quote unaltered.

Press Release: Typhoo UniversiTEA Challenge – April 2012
Merseyside based Typhoo Tea Ltd have teamed up with Liverpool John Moores University for an exclusive social media project. Students from the Liverpool Screen School were given the opportunity to create online videos for the tea company’s digital marketing campaign as part of the Typhoo UniversiTEA Challenge.

The challenge, which launched in January, encouraged students to submit pitches to create a social video that would assist the multi-national company reach a new, younger audience. From the entrants received, five finalists were selected to turn their ideas into videos that would be screened across Typhoo’s social media channels.

The finalist’s videos were launched on Typhoo’s “00” Tube channel and Facebook page where fans have been voting for their favourite since 20th March. The videos which have been viewed over 4300 times to date have generated great discussion and Typhoo have been very pleased with the quality and variation of the videos submitted.

Typhoo’s CEO Keith Packer is pleased that Typhoo were able to involve the local university in the project. “It’s a great opportunity for Typhoo to work with LJMU and showcase some of the fresh talent in Liverpool. We have been exceptionally impressed with the creativity and execution of ideas.”

An official screening, which was held at Liverpool John Moores University on 30th March, enabled each of the finalists to introduce their videos prior to a screening and the announcement of the winner by Typhoo’s CEO, Keith Packer.

The winner, Joe Woodhouse, was extremely pleased that his video entitled
‘Going Tea Total for 00!’ had won the Typhoo UniversiTEA challenge, he
commented, “Winning the Typhoo UniversiTEA Challenge felt like parachuting
off a cliff and landing in a box of soft tea bags. I feel the competition was an
excellent way to introduce students to the world of advertising and I’m happy
everyone enjoyed the art of topless dancing and chest stroking!”

And there you have it. I did notice in the pics I’d transformed from a feverish member of the undead to something with a little more life by the end of it. That’s what happens if you think too much. Like skydiving through life then catching a gust of air before smashing into pulp at the bottom.


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