The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists! 
Directors: Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt 
Release Date: 28th March 2012
Rating: U
Aardman Animations, Sony Pictures Animation, Columbia Pictures 

For a pirate there is only one more thing important than ham night, and that be Pirate Of The Year. The Pirate Captain believes he deserves this award and sets out on an adventure with scientists in hopes of amassing great wealth by showcasing his dear old dodo, Polly. Will the Pirate Captain and his crew be okay in the pirate hating England ruled by Queen Victoria? And will Charles Darwin stop being such a wimp? Set sail for some clay booty!

The Pirates! In An Adventures With Scientists! is a combination of many great elements of life. Pirates, claymation, humour and ham. The pirate world and the characters who live there have so much love and care put in to their creation. Backgrounds are detailed with subtle references and rich with the romance of being in a pirate world. It resembles the Monkey Island series in terms of satirical details and the clay style is still as endearing as it always was. It would be a sad day if people no longer wanted to view non cgi stop motion films, and this has more character than anything a computer could produce. Because computers don’t have emotions, they are heartless, cold and indifferent. Clay is sticky and smells funny, and probably has a soul hidden someone within the lumpy substance.  So there.

The other components outside of the looks make The Pirates a film worth travelling out to see. The members of the crew each have a distinctive personality, which is expressed even with some of them only having a few lines to arr out, I especially like the pirate lady with the attachable beard,  and it plays on modern-day technology and lingo with much success. The mix of modern culture with old may make the adventure a little inconsistent, but from the very opening shot till the credits come to a close, The Pirates is a film which is fully aware that some things may not make perfect logical sense, and it embraces the silliness. Dropping red dots as you travel to show markings on a map to The Clash is something magnificent.

The Pirates isn’t a completely perfect voyage however as it falls into two traps. Firstly the pace gets a little funny in the middle, as one plot strand ends and we leisurely sail to the next and it feels the second half relies too much on clichéd movie tropes. The development of the Pirate Captain is the same old ‘friends over greed’ mentality every other kids film likes to play and later action scenes continue down this tired route. But then you get a scene with Queen Victoria showing what she keeps under her dress and it all balances out again. And while pacing can be an issue, I can happily just sit and take in all the hand crafted surroundings for hours. A shame you can’t really cure Charles Darwin’s constant moaning. He deserved all the abuse he got.

The Pirates! In An Adventures With Scientists is another Aardman success, a film which even makes Hugh Grant bearable. And all he had to do was go arr.


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