Birds Eye Chicken Pastry Bakes

Birds Eye chicken stuffed into a pastry crust. It sounds so weird, even though you can buy chicken bake pasties at Greggs. But these are weird because the chicken inside is the grilled chicken you usually get without the pasty cover. They just look strange. And probably taste strange too. I mean, just look at the packaging! It’s like a rabbit hiding in a tortoise shell!

But the pastry and chicken works quite well together. The pastry was soft and the chicken was as you’d expect by Birds Eye’s typical standards. Unfortunately I threw one and a half in the bin thanks to the truly detestable sauce I had in mine. Spicy tomato and red peppers did not taste as advertised, instead it felt like someone had pushed sweet and sour inside the pastry. And sweet and sour is a combination which makes me physically sick.

I’ve been scarred despite the pastry and chicken combination not being the main offender. The frozen food oven cooked stuff is probably one extra step towards sweet and sour cancer.


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