Photo 53: Giants

Two giant puppets have been wandering Liverpool for the past few days. A diver and little (but still big) girl and her dog caused havoc for traffic as they tried to reunite with one and other. It was a success story and seeing a giant diving suit stomp around the streets was pretty awe-inspiring. They should come back and do it with godzilla and mothra. Or Mecha-Streisand and Robert Smith.

I started my giant chasing journey with the sleeping diver. He was taking an awfully long nap, but once her got going he marched off and crushed a few cars on his way. I think.

This whole thing is to do with the Titanic. I missed the story around them, but I was told this was the uncle to the little (big) girl and lost her due to sleeping too much. Or separated due to the Titanic. More likely.

Each giant had a vehicle moving behind with all the little operators making him move. It reminded me of the scene in Gulliver’s Travels when they hoist Jack Black up.

The little girl took her journey with a puppet dog. The way she peered over at me from behind the sweet stall was chilling. If there weren’t so many crowds of people and prams, it would have been a mysterious sensation of stumbling upon a giant for the first time. Most of the time during the journey there were too many people barging past with prams. God, I hate prams.

The two took different paths through the city, so I had to fight through the crowds to get a glimpse of each section of the journey. I’d have followed the one, but they weren’t the fastest giants and my Aero Bubbles were running out.

There was also the dog too. I didn’t pay much attention to him till he started jumping at his masters legs. Looks like a Cerberus.

Once the two met, the giants embraced, and the little girl did some jive dancing. In the air. I think this was the exciting reveal that the giants are not only pretty big, but also dead. Or magical. But seeing as this is a show on the Titanic to remember the tragic event, I’d say it was the former.

I reckon this giant journey was how a float parade must be. I’ve always wanted to see giant inflatable Pikachu’s and Homer Simpson’s ride through city streets, and two wooden giants with realistic movements and an army of little people was probably the next best thing. I’d love to commander my own in fact… I should try to get this Godzilla project off the ground!

This must be what Arrietty feels like.


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