South Park 3 The Complete Third Season

South Park 3 The Complete Third Season
Release Date: 1999-2000
Directors: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Rating: 15
Comedy Central, Paramount

Season 3 was made the same time as the amazing musical film South Park The Movie, Bigger, Longer and Uncut and you can tell. South Park Season 3 is stuffed full of little songs to bring the stories forwards and it is the start of South Park transforming into what it is today. From the homely South Park all the way to space, Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny are on their wildest adventures yet. Shame Kenny never makes it to the end of any of them. 

It starts with a trip to the crappy rainforests and it seems to increase in touchy topics and hilarious jokes. It seems the film has helped Matt and Trey really grab hold of story telling and each episode feels complete and well-developed. Each covers some a completely different topic from the last and apart from Kenny dying, each episode provides something unique. We witness the annoying Jar Jar Binks creatures, the Jakovasaurs, meet the Sexual Harassment Panda, fall into the Chinpokomon craze and enjoy a tale of Mr. Garrison trying to get his father to molest him. It pushes things to the limit and it sometimes brings the WTF. It makes the current season seem a little tame in comparison.

With not a dud in the pack, Season 3 had the series enter its creative period as it dipped into topical events while keeping the boys being boys. Live action segments and characters jumping into song bring a whole heap of charm into the cut out animation and it even provides a genius trilogy; three episodes each covering a different kids story on the same night with cat orgies, two men masturbating in a hot tub and the true appearance of Moses. Under stress from the film, the team are at their most creative. Probably lucid creativity, as in the commentaries included Trey and Matt mention they don’t remember making some of these episodes due to the stress.

These were the episodes I remember the most vividly when I started watching the show and they stand out as some of the best episodes in the whole series to this day. A-woop!


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