Working April 2012

April saw the end of one type of work, and the beginning of another. A deadline charge for uni made up most of the month, while charity work at Barnardo’s filled up the cracks. I also got to see my first published short story in the university magazine, truly the month of significant moments. And now lies that large gap called the rest of my life. Let me take a break, I don’t want to step in there just yet. Woooaaah!

Hey! Who pushed me? What do you mean life takes no breaks for you? Its dark in here and I don’t know where to go. What the hell, I’ll just keep on fumbling. Mmm, so soft. Oh sorry, didn’t realise. I’ll stop now.

The end of April was much like this and continues to be so. Not had education hanging over my shoulders since I was about three. Hard to get accustomed once more. Since it all ended I’ve been seeing giants walking the streets and reading my own writing in a published mag, I think I’m high even though I feel so low.


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