Thought Of The Month May 2012

Three full months now remain of my time in Liverpool, then I’ll probably be leaving the place for good. I need to decided how best to spend my time in between the charity work, I don’t want to feel like I didn’t make enough of the John Lewis toilets.

And this month should most likely see the final uni results. I hope I did alright, I think I did alright. It gives me something to worry about anyway. I always need that.

Let May bring about the growth of a delinquent. Here’s a delinquent fact:

You can’t choose to be a delinquent, this is decided from birth. The delinquent can push as far as they can up the social ladder, but each delinquent will come to the same conclusion; the bed is comfier than the store, working hard is such a chore. It’s in the delinquent genes.


2 thoughts on “Thought Of The Month May 2012

    • You have to place some of your blood into a cup then put a hot metal coil in with it. If the blood jumps up, you’re a delinquent.

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