Little King’s Story

Little King’s Story
Players: 1
Genre: Strategy RPG
Release Date: 24th April 2009
Cing, Town Factory

Sometimes things you hate become things you love. Once I was a hater of Frankfurters, now I can’t get enough of them! Little King’s Story was much the same. I originally felt that I wanted to throw the king of his throne, but eventually I was worshipping him every day. Long live the little king!

Little King’s Story is a strategy, life simulation and RPG all rolled into one. You play as the little king who works with his advisers to dominate the world, snatching land from seven other kings. The little king only has a really lame staff attack though so needs men and women of many talents to aid him on his way. You start with a tiny kingdom and must venture out into the unknown with an army of troops looking for things to kill, loot to steal and kings to squash. With money you can improve the kingdom and unlock new classes to train your citizens up with and slowly but surely the world becomes your own.

The opening feels very confusing with the barrage of options available, the zoomed out cluttered world and constant insanity coming from the enemies attacking. I started off with some farmers, carpenters and soldiers, and sent them to their doom by chucking them at overgrown chickens and monsters doing the hulus. I was expecting my army to reign victorious, but throwing everything you have and watching the results isn’t guaranteed victory. You need to know when to call them back and which classes are good against what. I was lost and confused. I hated it.

But Little King’s Story eventually clicks. You start to grow accustomed to the options available and the world feels less daunting. The humour starts to come through and each journey becomes a joy rather than a worry. Setting out with soldiers, chefs, merchants, hunters, carpenters, children, and farmers in tow, I took down the seven kings, each battle totally different. You have the standard battles which have you running around looking for the opportunity to throw your troops the king’s way, but others have you playing pinball or Geography quizzes. It keeps mixing things up till the final battle, and while sometimes frustrating, you can’t help but be wowed by the creativity on display. It plays like Pikmin times ten.

And the creativity seeps out to the story itself. Taking down kings to expand a kingdom isn’t a totally original concept, but the kings you meet certainly leave a strong impression. They consist of the drunk, the obese, to the pessimist and the incomplete. The bright colours and cute characters tie it down as a kids game, but the storyline is surprisingly dark and delve into areas I’ve never seen videogames venture. It’s something everyone should play, but one which very few have.

Little King’s Story is a game were you can take over land, have a princess harem, play table tennis against a cow, race a rabbit, meet god, play pinball using a fat man as the ball and have an army of chefs. It might take time for the insanity to click, but when it does you will want to be king for more than a day.



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