JoeRayW Is Three

Happy birthday! Three years old today and he’s finally learnt how to speak. He said: ‘I want to die!’ How cute! Hopefully he will turn his crawl into a full on walk this year. The third year was a rather safe one. After the first year experimented to see what worked and the second year started to refine things a little, year three just carried on trucking as I went through my final year of university. A lot of opinions, but that’s what people seem to like the most here, so opinions it is.

I think waking up is rubbish.

I don’t like peanut butter.

Walking is rather clichéd.

And so here’s to another year of them! Though I think the fourth year should move into more Typhoo type areas. Outside of the opinions, the Typhoo entries were what I enjoyed the most. It was something you couldn’t get anywhere else and that’s what I think is needed.

You can’t get Lucky Charms in Tesco.

But you can get Chicken Lasagna.

And now for the stats:

162, 087 views
1,382 posts
21 categories
3,969 tags

A lot of numbers, they certainly mean something.

Thanks for listening, even when I’m not. Year Four go!


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