The Cabin In The Woods

The Cabin In The Woods
Director: Drew Goddard 

Release Date: 13th April 2012
Rating: 15
Mutant Enemy Productions, Lionsgate 

I’ve become immune to the horror genre. After the brilliant Drag Me To Hell everything I’ve seen since has bored me. It’s all the same shaky cams and cookie cutter characters with a dollop of delicious porn. Gore porn I mean, which isn’t delicious at all. And neither is porn, right? I think I’ve gone and messed this intro up, but that’s only because The Cabin In The Woods does much the same to the tired genre. This cabin is full of new tricks. 

There is a lot to say about The Cabin In The Woods with how it pulls the genre apart and dissects why these clichéd events of teens being brutally murdered by monsters happens. But it’s best not to say much at all, because doing so would only ruin the quite brilliant direction the story goes in making it one of the most original and interesting horrors in a long time. Five teens, the typical jockey, druggie, blonde bint, glasses character and sweet girl go on a trip to a cabin in the woods for many good times. Though of course the cabin is full of horrors and zombies happen. Trying to survive becomes the aim of the game and it all runs as you’d expect. The intersecting scenes which have a group of technicians in a fancy facility monitoring and affecting what goes on is what keeps things interesting, and it all gradually leads to the surprise second half which throws everything on its head. Which causes the blood to flush out from the ears.

The scenes in the facility run from the very beginning and it helps explain why the same tropes are always happening. Showing these scenes from the start tells us this is no ordinary film though slightly ruins the twist mid way through. I can see why they’re there from the start however, as it serves to provide some comedy on the way the teens are influenced in their decisions and also keeps the rather typical horror house setting from being just that. With a bag full of monsters, surprises and bags of blood, The Cabin In The Woods is a hilarious and exciting take on a zombified genre going round in circles looking for its head with no brain. The guys behind this film took it.


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