Too Far + Dawn Remembers

Too Far
Author: Rich Shapero
Release Date: 2010
Outside Reading 

We meet again Rich Shapero. The Animus feels like it was yesterday. Too Soon.

Too Far is about two kids exploring the forest using their imagination while their parents are falling apart. Too familiar.

The two characters, Robbie and Fristeen are both six and talk and think as if they’re adults. Too poor.

The Gods they conjure are hard to see from the writing. Too vague.

There is also a lot of long descriptions about the forest. Too much.

And the six-year olds think about things like love and getting naked together. Too far.

Dawn Remembers is the audio component which strives to make the book something deep and meaningful. Too artsy.

The tracks all sound like a female hippy wailing. Too hippy.

Too bad.


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