Living With A Black Dog

Living With A Black Dog
Authors: Matthew Johnson & Ainsley Johnstone 
Release Date: 29th January 2009

I Had A Black Dog helped illustrate the key feelings and actions someone with depression may take, useful to show others what may be going through the mind. But while it may show what a black dog owner may feel like when they take it for a walk, it doesn’t reveal how to overcome in much detail. Living With A Black Dog is for someone who lives with someone who is struggling with the mangy mutt, with the picture book format revealing how to tackle it. You got to stick your elbow out and charge. 

Living With A Black Dog is not really for me then. I don’t live with any black dogs but my own, and I felt this version isn’t quite as refreshing or fun to read through. It tells someone what to look out for, what not to do, what to do and people you can contact for help. It’s informative sure, but gives off a slightly patronising feeling that the first book did not. There is an agreement at the end you can sign, so before we become friends be sure to go through all my required paper work, okay?

Though the information is helpful despite it coming across as a little less entertaining than I Had A Black Dog. The pictures are still funny and maybe signing an agreement to get through it together is not such a bad thing. I just like to take my black dog on walks alone, across the sandy beaches on a rainy day. Maybe that’s why I have so many problems, he always runs off on me.


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