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Of all the sport streaming services they could provide us with, they give us How many people in the UK like baseball? It’s all about cricket, no one wants you here, MLB! I just think we struggle to hit with the round bat and have to make do with a flat bat. My knowledge of either sport only c0mes from PE lessons in school. I was always picked last, could never catch the ball, never swung the bat and we usually played it in the rain. No wonder I was put off sport! 

Baseball isn’t so bad though, and with I can watch one match each day and try to figure out all the rules. There is a subscription service for those who love baseball, though you probably already know this if you do. I watched the streamed match and tried to figure it out. The sport is huge in America and Japan, and it has been presented to myself and others through books, TV shows, comics and games. Forced down our throats more like it. These are just some baseball memories I remember:

Playing the NES game Baseball with my friend at high school. It was incredibly simple and great fun playing against each other. Looked a bit crap, but pretty faces aren’t everything.

Reading a short story by Joe Hill in his collection 20th Century Ghosts. Talk of baseball is a large part of one story. I couldn’t get quite as gripped over it all, but I tried. It wasn’t a bad short story at all.

Mario Baseball on the Gamecube was another venture into videogame baseball territory. It lost the simplicity of Baseball and the computer were cheating counts. Yeah, counts!

The baseball episode in South Park which have the kids trying to lose their matches so they can enjoy their summer vacation. Meanwhile Stan’s dad goes to all the matches to get into drunken brawls. Which was more entertaining than the baseball.

The baseball comic one shot Kishimoto did a while back. Kishi is the guy who does Naruto, but he has often talked about his desire to do a baseball story. The one shot wasn’t bad, but everyone had funny noses.

The baseball episode in FLCL. Not being able to swing the bat, giant baseballs from outer space, male robot massager, parent murder, large eyebrows, reviving half dead bodies… the most screwed up episode of anything I’ve ever seen.

So you see, baseball has been invading our homes for years, and now our Xbox. We just don’t seem to care.


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