Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade DX
Players: 1 DX
Price: 800 ms points DX
Genre: Pill-em-up DX
Release Date: 17th November 2010 DX
Namco Bandai DX

Things have gone a little crazy over in Pac-Man land. Sleeping ghosts now reside in the mazes and Pac-Man is going about waking them up, the jerk that he is. Once up the ghosts decide they might as well join in with the festivities, and everyone does the Conga. Until Pac-Man grabs a power pellet and devours them all. He’s a bit of a sicko, isn’t he? 

DX added on the end of Championship Edition suggests minor changes. Perhaps they have added some new maze patterns and a few new skins. That’s all in there, but the game has completely changed. Now each maze has ghosts dotted around and passing them causes the freaks to follow on. The idea now is to eat the pellets while creating a huge line of ghosts, ready for a mass consumption down the line. It’s great fun seeing Pac-Man carve through a hundred of the multi-coloured delights (taste just like chicken) and it now feels like a careful set of puzzles rather than a stealthy dash round the board. The whole line game completely changes how Pac-Man plays, it makes the first Champion Edition seem tame and old-fashioned in comparison. With timed stages, ghost combo challenges and time trials, there is plenty to dive into and lots of high scores to beat. You don’t want your SUPERXGUMXGUZZLERX69 above you on the scoreboards, do you?

The fresh take on Pac-Man is perfect for high score challenges then, but it feels the challenge has been whisked away in some areas. Sure it’s tough to break into the top one hundred on the online leaderboards, but actually completing stages is a whiz. You can pass most stages simply by following the path of pellets, each carefully set up to lead you into the next wave of pills. If ghosts get near the game slows down allowing you to carefully move out of the way, and if they do get close you can just bomb them away with the new bomb feature. There is too much in place to stop you from dying, it feels the dangerous side of the game is no longer there. The ghosts are now merely fodder, I’m afraid of no ghosts.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a fun game still, and the game wants you to push for big scores by keeping a swift pace they lay out for you. The ghosts may be sleeping, but Pac-Man is as lively as he’s ever been. Just don’t join his Conga line…



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