Prostitute’s Day Off

The Prostitute woke up at eleven a.m and slowly rolled out of bed. She’d had a rough night involving two dwarves and a chimpanzee. At least the money was good. She was still exhausted, but picked herself up with instant noodles, then sat on a plastic chair doing nothing much at all.  Junk food packets and flyers littered the floor, and the TV was quietly blaring away; the Discovery channel still on from when she got home.

The Prostitute wondered if she should call Marissa, catch an action movie starring Bruce Willis. But the Prostitute idly spent her day off, aimlessly browsing dating sites in-between match three puzzle games. This was a typical day off, just sitting around for work to start. Without it she was an empty shell waiting to be filled. The day ended with Coronation Street. Back to work tomorrow, with another weekend to look forward to.


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