True Value

Kelly Walters took her shopping items out of the green basket and watched as each item rolled along to be scanned through on the till. Baked beans, 79p. Beep. Pack of grapes, £2.06. Beep. Bottle of rum, £17.99. Beep. Six pack of toilet paper,  £2.65. Beep. Domestic Violence Live  DVD, £14.99. Beep. Chewing gum, 49p. Beep. Floral decorated winter coat, £64.99. Beep. Chicken breasts, 4.99. Beep.  One Pint of semi-skimmed milk, 89p. Beep. Kelly Walters, nothing. Beep.

‘Would you like a bag with all that?’ the checkout man asked as he pushed her in with the rest of the goods.

‘Sure, one will do,’ Kelly replied and started to pull one of the bags over her head. along with the chicken breasts.

‘We don’t have a bag big enough I’m afraid. I could get a bin bag out from the back?’

‘Thank you. I’ll wait here.’ And she handed over £109.84.




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