Weetabix Baked With Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is a marvellous thing. It brings to life the blandest of foods and the syrupy goo is right up there with sugar mountains and chocolate sauce, forever making healthy breakfast unhealthy. Weetabix now has the power of golden syrup blended into the wheat biscuit, no need to go fetch the bottle of golden syrup. Imagine getting toast with the beans embedded. A bit like that.

The golden syrup taste lurks within these Weetabix, but it is but a tingle of what golden syrup can be. No goo to stain your clothes and just the burnt out syrup taste you get at on the rim of a bottle. It doesn’t beat the real deal and thus, a sugar mountain is formed on top of each Weetabix to make them a little sweeter. If it was possible, I’d have a gooey centre within each bix. Now that would be something.

Not bad, not great. Stick to the original and customise them in your own special way. Fruit, chocolate, golden syrup or ketchup. We all have out ways they just can’t match with these special versions.


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