Iron Sky

Iron Sky
 Director: Timo Vuorensola 
Release Date: 23rd May 2012 
Rating: 15
Energia Productions 

Originally planned to feature in cinemas for one day only, Iron Sky is now showing across the country on multiple screenings! After a fan outcry, Iron Sky got the treatment any movie deserves and while you can go off and grab the DVD already, Moon Nazis were made for the big screen. Watching Sarah Palin on a jogging machine just isn’t the same on the small screen. 

Iron Sky is a sci-fi comedy with a fantastic concept. During the Second World War, the Nazis made it to the dark side of the moon and set up a base of operations. In 2018 they’re ready to return to Earth and take over. Sounds great on paper and makes you wonder why this has never been done before. The story kicks off with two Americans landing on the moon, one being the first black man in space James Washington (Christopher Kirby), who ends up being captured by the Moon Nazis. Washington learns of their sinister plans and must help save the Earth from the evil Adolf Adler (Gotz Otto). But unfortunately for Washington, the Nazis have turned him into one of them. White, blonde hair and blue eyes. Poor guy.

The film follows Adler, Washington, Sarah Palin (Stephanie Paul), Palin’s aide Vivian Wanger (Peta Sergeant), and the lovely Nazi Earth specialist Renate Richter (Udo Kier), a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Each character provides a different dose of fun to the proceedings with stereotypical Nazis in the modern age, a black man dealing with being a white man, ditzy babe and greedy politicians; it has a great cast of characters yet fails to utilize them correctly. The film stays focussed on Adler for most of the journey, with the clear protagonist Washington never given enough time to truly shine. It is one of the biggest mistakes the film makes as Washington is easily the funniest character in the comedy sci-fi epic.

Another problem with Iron Sky is how some of the humour feels forced in just to give a nod to popular culture. Nazis gushing over a short version of Charlie Chaplin’s The Dictator is one thing which works, but spoofing the angry Hitler scene in the movie Downfall is another, one which just brings a big heaping of cringe. The best jokes are those that flow seamlessly with the plot, not the ones which have scenes dedicated to spoofing other movies, and it really breaks the flow. If it held back a little and concentrated more on the main characters, Iron Sky would have ascended all the way to the moon. Instead it is just a few cheap laughs between a rather standard sci-fi story. Where is Washington when you need him? Lost in space it seems.


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