At The End Of The World

At the end of the world everyone will start writing about it, but everyone will get it wrong. The world will end due to a giant cheese cake falling from the planet of giants, smothering us all. These short stories and poems will only come to confuse future generations as they try to uncover what happened, they’ll just ignore that leftover smell of cake. They should be entertained at least.

The Writing On The Wall group set up a flash fiction end of the world competition a few months back and this is the end result; every single entry plastered on the walls of Fact cinema and gallery. They are upstairs surrounding the cafe, though when I was wandering round to read some I got a few flustered looks. You can’t just stand in the cafe!

My short is by the tables, a tale not much about the end of the world and more about a man with the head the size of a hot air balloon. I don’t really know what I was eating that day, probably too many blue Smarties. I think if you erase the slightly over the top descriptions out of your mind when reading, it will tell a tale of how one man can save himself and the world at once. Internal and external goings on here! It should be hanging around till the 18th June so give it a read if you’re nearby. That also happens to be the day the world will end, so make sure you aren’t too late about it.




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