Cadbury Choc Full Of… Popcorn

Cadbury choc full of… popcorn! Is this a new exciting range of what Cadbury choc is full of, or a one-off for the popcorn packet? I’m hoping they’ll do Cadbury choc full of… chocolate, Cadbury choc full of… bacon and Cadbury choc full of… condensed soya milk. But for now… popcorn.

And the popcorn chocolate combination is a success! The popcorn is sweet and soft with none of it sticking in my teeth, always a plus, and the chocolate wrapped around the corn blended well. These are pretty good but a share bag isn’t enough for a group. You don’t keep popcorn in a small bag, you need a bucket! Thankfully I wasn’t sharing so they were enough to get me through the night. Now my mouth feels dirty with all the sugar and I feel like I could pop the popcorn right back out from my mouth, albeit a little soggy. Maybe they are share size after all, even if they don’t feel like it at the time.

Sweet, but doesn’t beat the raw deal of a bucket full of toffee popcorn. You can just munch on that stuff forever. Melting chocolate over something is always bound to work to some extent. On apples, chilli and ants. Always works.


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