The Warriors

The Warriors
Director: Walter Hill
Release Date: 9th February 1979
Rating: 15
Paramount Pictures

It’s one gang versus them all in The Warriors, a film about thugs on the run and also an insight into Subway train journeys. You got to take a lot of trains to get back home when you have a bunch of freaks on the hunt for you, think how much that would cost on our own National Railway service! Probably have to get a loan out. Unless you’re a Warrior of course, paying is for chumps! From train to train, the Warriors are out to play. 

The Warriors is a gang film with a kooky personality. You have hundreds of gangs around America meeting up to form a truce, only for it to fall apart because some jerk goes and shoots the one trying to put it all together. Blame is pinned on the Warriors who now must escape back home to Coney island while avoiding the cops and the many gangs after their heads. It’s a simple concept with very little depth. Warriors run away, meet gang, fight. There is some brief largely pointless romance tipped in, but this is all about gangs bruising one another.

Thankfully the bizarre and wonderful gang types really bring the film alive. You have the ugly Orphans, the creepy Baseball Furies and the roller blading Punks in place to make the Warriors lives a misery, but a load of fun for us. Each gang has their own style and it makes for a rather comic book feeling. That and the actual comic book stills which separate each scene. I heard these comic strip moments weren’t in the original film version, but I quite like them. There aren’t too many and it adds some extra personality.

The Warriors is a simple tale with a nice lick of paint. It has its own identity and the concept sounds like it would make a good game… You’re saying we’ve already had it?! I continue to be behind the times. As a film it is a pleasant way to spend an evening without having to use your thinking box. If you don’t find baseball bats connecting with skin pleasant, you’re in the minority.


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