Nestle Rolo Bar

Rolos squished into a bar. If Cadbury’s can stick their bars into balls, Nestle can do the reverse! No more tin foil to ruin your day as you gnash on it with teeth fillings and the little Rolo shapes rising up from the bar are a passing reminder that this is indeed a Rolo bar and not a Galaxy caramel by Nestle.

Biting down it tastes like Rolos with a jagged edge. It’s nice, but there is a distinct lack of chewy caramel and thus, it is a bit too much like a Galaxy caramel. A bit thicker and this would have been golden. Ah well, the little Rolo circles make it look pretty neat, and chocolate is always better when it looks neat, yah? Nah, but you still wouldn’t give your last piece away.


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