Director: Ridley Scott
Release Date: 1st June 2012
Rating: 15
Scott Free Productions, Brandywine Productions, 20th Century Fox

Prometheus is a great titan. He made humans from clay and for that we should be thankful. I used to make humans out of play doh, but they melted in the sun. Prometheus in this case is a space ship on the way to a distant planet in hopes of discovering life forms who may have created us. Out of clay? Who knows, but now it seems they are dealing with black goo to try to de-construct us. A bit like a mad tyrant who wants to destroy his city on Sim City after spending hours to create it. We all love a bit of destruction. 

Two archaeologists, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), discover some ancient cave paintings which hint at creatures who have moved on to other worlds. The stars they point to come up on a map, and so the two set off on the spaceship Prometheus to discover what they believe to be their creators.  The crew on the ship also consists of an android called David (Michael Fassbender), the captain, a supervisor, and some other people who don’t get all that much screen time apart from the two idiotic scientists, a biologist and a geologist. The ship sets down on a planet by a huge ominous structure, and the crew set out to investigate. What they discover isn’t quite what they expected however and things get a little crazy thanks to a mysterious black goo. People start to change and lots of problems slowly unravel.

The film slowly builds up as the members of the crew slowly uncover what went on within the ruins and certain members start showing sinister motives. David the android desires to find all the answers no matter what the cost, while the ships boss Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) grows frustrated as she realises she isn’t as in control of the operation as she thought. David triggers the chaos which descends around mid way through and this leads to some rather gross transformations and a particular scene involving Elizabeth dealing with a surgery machine and a lump. It is as squeamish as the chest burster scene in the original Alien and as this moment erupts on the screen, everything else goes to pot. The ship, planet and monsters look fantastic, but there often seems to be a distinct lack of atmosphere.

When Elizabeth has her moment of peril, no one else is involved and so it feels loose and disconnected from the rest of the characters we don’t see enough of. The first casualties come from the two scientists acting like imbeciles and there is little emotion garnered from any character deaths. The only character who truly comes alive and makes a difference is David who is meant to be the least human of them all. A more united crew with characters not given such irritable traits would have really gone better with the excellent action and set pieces, perhaps creating the missing atmosphere and emotional attachment.

Prometheus is an entertaining film however thanks to the great attention to detail and vile scenes which take place within the futuristic locations. It just feels like they recruited a bunch of idiots on the expedition so they can make the mistakes a teen jockey would make in a slasher flick, which doesn’t mix well with what the story is trying to put across. Maybe a director’s cut will pop up at some point to fix any gaps like what happened with Kingdom Of Heaven. But for now, Prometheus is a decent sci-fi adventure with a few logic flaws perhaps caused by the crew taking their helmets off on the mysterious planet.


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