Progressing Through June 2012

It’s all about pace. Keep the pace steady and things shouldn’t go wrong. Pick the pace up and you’ll end up a nervous wreck. Like on the run up to results day, my pacing up and down the flat led me to the town called panic. Just sit down and shut up!

Results came out and the university journey is nearly at the end. I got the result I expected and wanted, so I haven’t been drowning myself in coke and KFC because of it. That action was to get through some other things, like mornings. It seems with results out the way, everything continues as normal. Volunteer work continues, Orange Wednesday continues and there is no discernible difference about anything at all. Life continues but one fact hasn’t completely come to light and hit me in the face. I’m in the real world now. So why am I still dreaming?

Anxious starts, celebration and a finishing dollop of cat sitting. June moves onwards to the inevitable day when I realise student life is coming to an end. At least I haven’t already regressed into a complete delinquent. Cat sitting, job seeking and competitions keeping me on my toes.

And that clothes stash? Payment for looking after my sisters cat. Ringspun and Elvis Jesus stuff. Worth going onto asos and buying, the stuff is awesome! *Sales pitch end*


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