Director: Pierre Morel 
Release Date: 27th February 2008
Rating: 18
EuropaCorp, Canal +, 20th Century Fox

Whatever you do, don’t screw around with Liam Neeson. You take something from him, he’s going to take it back. Once someone stole his last Rolo, nobody has seen that guy for years. The creeps in this film take his daughter, a whole group of them. They should have heard about the Rolo incident. It’s that times one hundred and twenty-two. Seriously.

Taken is a no-nonsense action film. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is an over protective father trying to get closer to his daughter after retiring from being a spy. He seems like a nice enough guy and he deserves to get the love he desires from her. Unfortunately she ends up taken by a bunch of Albanian mafioso while on holiday in Paris, prepped up on drugs and abuse so she can be sold on as a prostitute. Of course Bryan isn’t best pleased by these turn of events so takes a trip over to sort things out in a well-mannered way. By murdering the lot of them and getting his daughter back. One man against a whole group of enemies and a whole lot of brutal killing in between. It’s simple, dumb but ultimately awesome. ‘I will hunt you. I will find you. And I will kill you.’ He doesn’t like lying.

While Taken is a film in which we already know the outcome; bad ass goes to town on some men and gets his daughter back, but tension still runs thick through the course of the film. Bryan does get into trouble and the fun is all about how he will get out of it, how he’ll show the jerks who just tried to take him down. Neeson comes across as a complete bad ass and it makes for a satisfying journey even if the story is bare bones and a little narrow in view. Albanians bad, American super man good. But his rampage is filled with enough spy work, creative kills and cool lines to make it worthwhile.

Taken shows that you must never under any circumstances mess with Neeson. Rumour has it that Neeson wasn’t even acting in this film. They just changed the names so people wouldn’t start asking questions.


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