Format: Nintendo 3DS
Players: 1-8
Online- 2-8
StreetPass: No
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: 21st October 2011
Hudson Soft, Tetris Online, Inc.

It’s been nearly four weeks since I started seeing them. It didn’t matter what time, it didn’t matter where, whenever I shut my eyes they would come. The darkness I’d usually see when I closed my eyes was replaced with shapes falling down. They kept coming and they cleared lines of my thought process. What was happening to me? The only time they didn’t appear was when I sat down with Tetris. It was my cure, yet also my curse. In 3D. 

Tetris is the latest edition of Tetris… that won’t confuse anyone at all, will it? Shapes fall, the player moves and rotates them to make a complete line causing the pieces to clear. Nothing has changed since the original back in the 80’s; you don’t mess with perfection. Instead you throw in as many different modes as possible involving Tetris shapes and gameplay to try to make it worthwhile for existing players to upgrade. You can complete jigsaws, make shapes, make platforms for a little man, blow pieces up and so on. It’s crammed full of content, but no matter how good they are, most players will just dabble in them for five minutes then go back to the standard mode. A shame really as some of the modes are pretty neat.

The highlights outside of the still great Marathon mode are Jigsaw , Shadow Wide and Online Battle. Taking standard Tetris shapes and applying them to various jigsaws is novel but works out to be a relaxing experience. When the twenty puzzles offered are bested, you can use photos from the 3DS camera to make infinite puzzles! Now you can piece your cock together. Or your cat, whatever tickles your fancy, I guess. Shadow Wide offers a similar zen type way of playing, with a shape the player must fill in with Tetris pieces, not going out of the lines. There is an interesting concept around having to clear lines to make certain pieces fall into the right place, but this is only used in three stages. You can make your own though, I made a snowman.

Online battle is also great fun as it has you battling against seven other players around the world, using items to help aid you in the grueling battles. Items range from UFOs which abduct some of your pieces when in a pinch, to swapping your play area with another players, which allows you to be a jerk and fill your area up to the brim then switch over. Practicing against the computer helps ease you into the world of battle, and the online becomes almost as addictive as the marathon. But if you lose early in a match, you have to wait for the other players to finish. Might take a while, killing your enthusiasm for more.

The other modes vary from okay to tacky, particularly the AR card modes which allow you to play Tetris on your desk. A small grid area and having to shift around constantly is not my idea of fun. It made me realise how unhealthy I am as I ran out of energy trying to move the 3DS camera so I could see the ever-moving Tetris board. At least it isn’t broken like Master Mode though, which is Tetris at the speed of light. There is barely any time to respond and it keeps getting faster. Some balance there would have made it a challenging mode, rather than a cheap one.

Tetris has a lot to offer even today, though no doubt you’ll be back on Marathon before long. With Tetris DS, two versions of Tetris Party and the original Game Boy Tetris available to play on the 3DS, the question arises on if this version is needed. A lot of these modes have cropped up in previous entries and the extra 3DS functionality is tacked on. The 3D seems to detract from the experience thanks to having game information pop out from the sides, causing the eyes to wander from the grid. It’s the first 3DS game I’ve played with the 3D always off  and so the games extra modes are the only real reason to upgrade. Thankfully most of them end up as hits rather than misses, so Tetris 3D does have a reason to exist.  You can’t make jigsaws of that girl you’re stalking on the other versions.



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