Xbox 360 Sales and Specials + App

Everyone likes discounts and so Microsoft have created an app to keep track on what goes down on the Xbox 360 online service.  It informs you of the deals of the week and also offers exclusive discounts on the app with even a chance to win stuff. Win win all round, right?

Well there is a plus on the chance to win something every day by playing a scratch card game. if you can match some pictures up, a goodie will be yours. Failure to win anything presents you with three special weekly offers, so it isn’t all bad. Just last week I decided to dabble in a 400 point set of Pinball FX 2 tables. Thanks Sales & Specials apps! A shame I didn’t do my research and realise I should have held off because you can get the same maps for the same price and the original game as part and parcel. It also says I haven’t purchased said maps on the add-ons section of the marketplace, which is a touch worrying if I ever need to re-download the tables. I’m sure this is just an intro hiccup for the service though. You’d hope.

The other option is a chain reaction sale. An item is available at a discount and if you purchase it, another sale item becomes available to buy. This is a neat idea, though I wasn’t willing to buy some avatar junk just to get to a cheap map pack. People who like paying for cosmetic items no one looks at other than themselves may find some love with the chain reactions though.

It’s got some nice intent, though I feel they could have gone further. Maybe have an app for all the permanently reduced items so people can keep track of what’s gone down. An option to view all free download content, gamer pics, themes and avatar items would have been welcome to. Maybe they’ll took all this into the mystery wheel which has yet to activate on the service? But most likely not. Going half the way as per usual, meet Sales & Specials +. It doesn’t deserve the +.


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