Tango Demolition Balls

After the rather gross foam Tango they released earlier this year (or maybe it was last. I dunno, don’t hit me!) they carry on being a bit radical and  have introduced Tango Demolition Balls to their range. These are chocolate balls with Tango injected into the centre, ready to splash out and infect the gums.

Well, that would be cool, but instead these are a bit like those Aero Bubbles with some crackle candy stuffed into each ball. Not quite so exciting though you can kind of feel the fizz. Or at least hear it. In fact I’ve been hearing the crackle in my mouth for the last two weeks.  What a blast! I think with all these random new things they are releasing they should bring back the big orange Tango man. His slap happy ways seem suitable for their current products.

I think they should do Tango cereal next, with Tango Orange drink required to bring it all alive. Who likes orange soda? But for now, Demolition Balls will have to do. Better than that foam gunk anyway.


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