Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games Virtual Card Album

Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games Virtual Card Album 
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Players: 1
StreetPass: Yes
Genre: Album
Release Date: 5th July 2012

The London Olympics are coming and SEGA have released a free virtual card album for the 3DS based on the popular Mario & Sonic Olympic game which came out a while back. Never say no to a freebie, unless its covered in disease, so every 3DS owner should go and download it and prepare to get the Olympic hype burnt into their eyes. Mario & Sonic are such sellouts aren’t they?

The virtual card album feels a little cheap however, like those crap pens with an event name pasted onto it. There are 72 images to collect, basically screenshots and promotional images for the game, with a handful in 3D. You can buy the rare ones with play coins, which stops them from being rare, and the rest are gained through SpotPass and StreetPass. There is no trivia or anything interesting like that, just a bunch of still images presented over a cheap background.It looks like the effort put in equates to my interest in the Olympic Games themselves. Free though, but if it was physical I’m sure it would be nestling in a bin round abouts now. Least its not diseased.



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