And so I come to the realisation that my education progression is at an end. After having an intense inner monologue about what to order for tea in the cathedral as I shook hands with someone or other and then sat down watching others shake someone or others hand, I stepped into the light and wandered around in a confused daze. Hopefully I will get adjusted to it all soon, or I’ll forever be wandering in that confused state of mind and motion.

And I only have this to say:

Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora-

Hey! What are you doing butting into my graduation talk?! I got you out of my system yesterday! Besides, my stand is the sloth stand, not the Star Platinum! It should be ‘Zer zer zer zer zer’ instead. ┬áIs anyone following this anymore?

So with no more uni, it feels time to try to get something out there. Erotic Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fiction here I come!


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