Currently Listening To: Jurassic 5 – Quality Control

Jurassic 5 – Quality Control 
Release Date: 20th June 2000
Genre: Hip Hop

The best summer feel good beats. Even when all it does is rain outside, Jurassic 5 make things feel exotic in the house. And no dinosaurs in sight. 

Quality Control is all positive vibes; no guns, whores or murder going on here. It is just one incredibly chilled experience, a mix of rap, soul and swing with catchy lyrics and head bopping beats. This is the type of hip hop which should have taken off, but Jurassic were playing a style which was Jurassic by 2000. A shame they fell apart by the end of their career, trying to be mainstream and all.

The future never taints the past though, and Quality Control feels like a venture into a free forming jam session with the comments between tracks and the style shifting throughout. ‘Concrete & Clay’ is an incredibly catchy track, though I do prefer the improvised additions  Jungle Brothers did of it with their extra ice cream lyrics. I just like ice cream that much!

The type of album to play when you come home to find the milk has gone sour and your imaginary friend has left you for a big chested bore. It’s like medicine for the soul.


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