Currently Listening To: Linkin Park – Living Things

Linkin Park – Living Things 
Release Date: 20th June 2012 
Genre: Rap Rock
Warner Bros., Machine Shop 

And so the shouts and screams come back to smooth things over with those pissed off fans. Living things make those kind of noises after all. Grah uh. Like that. 

Living Things is Linkin Park playing it safe. Most tracks feel like they’ve developed from the Hybrid Theory days, though the softer electronic sound of A Thousand Suns still remains. The two styles have clashed together and the results are mixed. On one hand the band are trying to maintain their softer, more mature approach with the likes of ‘Powerless’ and ‘Roads Untraveled’, which come across as flat and corny when they don’t have a concept to work behind. Then on the other there are the heavier tracks such as ‘Lies Greed Misery’ which provides some energising angst but also a feeling of regression. Try to please everyone, please no one.

Everything seems to peter out around the half way point. They should have either stuck to their guns with the electronic style, or gone all out with a seriously heavy number. It’s no disaster, at least five of the twelve tracks are worth listening to. ‘Victimized’ makes me feel like I could go off and break someone’s legs. Which is nice.

An album to listen to when you want to pretend to be a teenager once more, before realising that you’re now 34 and need to curl up and conform.


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