McDonald’s Cheddar Deluxe At The Olympics 2012

Mmm, the Cheddar Deluxe is looking mighty fine in that picture. Certainly not like the picture I snapped after I’d angrily torn it apart with my teeth. What can I say, it’s been a stressful day! But it kind of looked like the above picture beforehand, I just wasn’t expecting the burger to be worth talking about so didn’t bother getting the camera out. Another Big Tasty with an extra sprinkle of cheese is a non event. Move along and don’t expect any new surprises is what I’d say before chomping down. But the dollop of creamy cheese sauce actually enhances the burger, making it tastier and smellier. What a surprise! Though I don’t see how a cheesy burger brings that British feeling McDonald’s are trying to evoke with their Olympic themed menu. It must be how we British smell, we just don’t realise it.

Also by eating McDonald’s you too can be part of the Olympic adventure. Shovelling down fries, soft drinks and burgers gains you a glass Coca Cola cup and a rubber wristband if you go large. Because eating lots of junk food is the spirit of the games.


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