Currently Listening To: Deftones – Around The Fur

Deftones -Around The Fur
Release Date: 28th October 1997
Genre: Alternative Metal 
Maverick, Warner Bros. 

I always imagined Deftones to look … different. They’ve been a favourite in my music library for around two years now, but I pictured a bunch of mop haired young men and a female bassist. When you listen to music without seeing the band members, you do start to form an image in your head. And when that image is shattered because you see they are actually a bunch of bearded metal heads, it’s kind of sad. Welcome to reality. I just don’t like beards. 

Around The Fur is my favourite Deftones album, and one of my favourite album covers too. I’d put it in my top five most relaxing albums of all time; heavy drum beats and screaming vocals can be beautiful, you just need to get the right atmosphere. The likes of ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’, ‘Mascara’ and ‘Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)’ really drag you into another world, one of darkness mixed with an aching sense of melancholy which is quite beautiful.It’s euphoric, the soft lyrics work with the hard-hitting riffs to make a truly unique combination and there are moments in the majority of songs which cause strong emotional reactions to take place. Maybe a shiver down the spine, or the need to hold back a tear as you live the dream like quality of the music. Before you’re lost in the waves a harsher track will come in,  ‘Lotion’ and Rickets’ are perfectly placed to balance the various tones of the album, though poignant lyrics lurk in every track, as does the anger and sickness that comes with living. Though the twenty minutes silence before the bonus track kicks in does break the zone the album places you in. Some people will wrongly label the album as noise, such a shame.

An album to listen to when the lights are dim and you’re on the rum. Nothing’s going your way, but it doesn’t matter. Even the beards don’t matter anymore. I’ve spent many nights with this album, it helps me sleep.


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