Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus
Players: 1
Genre: Fitness
Release Date: 30th October 2009

Three years ago I was part of the Wii Fit craze. I got up each morning to stretch my muscles and catch fish dressed as a penguin (the game has it all), but eventually I just got up one morning and didn’t bother. Why do people just suddenly stop doing things one day? Do you get bored with something just like that? Maybe one day I’ll decide not to shave. Though in Wii Fit’s case, I think I needed more. It was time for the Plus. 

Wii Fit Plus is almost exactly the same game as Wii Fit. Same yoga, same muscle workouts and those same clinical white menus which make the place feel cold and soulless.  But then you notice some new options pop up on boot up. It starts with pet measuring, in which I measured my gold-fish now defunct, then hot seat multiplayer appears to stop your profile Mii from changing weight every few minutes when you want to go skiing with everyone. Popping onto your profile, new games are available to play which make up most of Plus’s new content, along with a My Wii Fit Plus button which helps you organise routines for specific parts of the body and a calorie checker. There isn’t an explosive amount of new content, but there is enough to justify the Plus. Setting routines and checking how many calories you’ve lost are minor additions which make a huge difference as you can actually plan things out instead of picking the Deep Breathing exercise again and again. You can still do that if you want though.

While the new options make Wii Fit Plus a much more useful fitness tool, the new games make the fat burning feel like a game rather than a routine chore. The original had tilting marble mazes and tightrope walking to keep things slightly more exciting than doing tree poses in a blue room, but Wii Fit Plus brings chicken suit flapping and Mario style obstacle courses into the fray. The fun factor has been dialled up to about … eight and you don’t even realise this is getting you fit when your using your balance board as a skateboard or trying to juggle balls while balancing on a giant one. Wii Fit did have some fun games which carry over into Plus, but the new additions make greater use of the board in more unique ways. When I wake up now I like to take part in some Kung-Fu rhythm and finish with a spot of cycling. The I switch Wii Fit Plus on.



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