Currently Listening To: L7 – Bricks Are Heavy

L7 – Bricks Are Heavy 
Release Date: 14th April 1992
Genre: Grunge 
Slash Records 

Finding an out of print CD of an old favourite always brings forth a special feeling, followed by dizziness and light headiness. Bricks Are Heavy was my most recent find which caused this phenomenon, a dirt grunge record with a real kick. I picked it up among copies of Lady Gaga and La Roux, saved from the pile of generic pop artists it was stuck between.  Bricks Are Heavy is heavy shit.

‘Pretend We’re Dead’ is the track most will have heard, a cult radio classic in the 90’s and one which has been used in a bunch of games since, such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Rock Band 2. The catchy punk beat is all about not conforming to non-conformity. Say no to individuality or you might become a hipster or goth. A terrifying thought. The track cemented L7 as a cult band, though they have more than that one track going for them, and Bricks Are Heavy is a beautiful selection of punk, grunge tracks about murder, tolerance and shitlists. When you hear the group sing about these issues to the heavy metal riffs, you get a feeling they mean it. Nothing is superficial here.

‘Shit List’ is a particular highlight, a song about writing a list for all those who bring you down or piss you off. Since listening to this track and enjoying Sparks angry wailing, I now keep my own shitlist. It features such delights as that jerk who tripped me up and that prat who insulted my shadow. The music throughout seems to be the best thing to listen to when you want to vent some anger and it gives you a sense of power. ‘One More Thing’ and ‘ Mr. Integrity’  are enough to make you feel like you no one can get in your way. It’s positive grunge!

An album to listen to when you’re pissed. And play it as loud, play it heavy.


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