Currently Listening To: Jane’s Addiction – Ritual De Lo Habitual

Jane’s Addiction – Ritual De Lo Habitual 
Release Date: 21st August 1990
Genre: Alternative Rock
Warner Bros. 

Part funk, part epic, this is the world of Jane’s Addiction. I can’t get enough of them and don’t call me Jane!

Ritual De Lo Habitual is an album of two halves, and back in the vinyl days it made use of the two sides by offering two kinds of sound. It starts with the energetic ‘Stop’ and it keeps going up to ‘Been Caught Stealing’. The first half is a creative force of juicy bass and random little quirks in the song which help raise it up as something unique and interesting. The rants which pop up after Farrell sings some parts of ‘ Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ is almost homely, even if he is being a bit foul. A full album of this type of hard-hitting music would make for the ultimate party album. If people still listened to this sort of stuff.

But the second half breaks in with a completely different sound. The music is drawn out with cascading guitar solos, powerful lyrics and it feels like a huge wave has eloped the body. Just sitting with your eyes closed to ‘Three Days’ is an exhilarating experience. The soft opening unsettles and the soothing solo washes the mind clean of any troubles. It almost feels like being cleansed, sometimes music has that overpowering sensation. The Eastern sounding ‘Of Course’ is my favourite however, the violin use is sublime. Though it makes me feel a little anxious; a far cry from the calming ‘Three Days’.  The repetition of ‘slapping yourself in the face’ with the twisted horror like sound from the violins does it. I can picture a claustrophobic sandy town and burning, this vision just sticks in my head even when the song features no actual burning.  I probably just need to sort my head out.

An album to listen to when you want ham on one sandwich and tuna on the other.


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