Cadbury BiscBits Chocolate Crisp & Orange Crunch

With Cadbury quickly running out of chocolate bars to turn into bite sized treats, it’s time for the biscuits to shrink. Orange Crunch and Chocolate Crisp BiscBits enter the grand world of share bag chocolate, though will they still be big enough for tea dunking? 

First up is Chocolate Crisp. Shaped like Cadbury Snack bars, something they need to put into the share bag format (Snack Shots don’t count), these are a crispy delight. The bag doesn’t take long to get through due to their more-ish nature, but they did leave my mouth feeling a little numb by the end. That’s what happens when you eat a bag of chocolate to yourself in one go. Pretty decent though the square shape makes me long for the shortbread Snack bars, which are better. These are very much biscuit box fodder in comparison.

Orange Crunch are hooped shaped so you can stick your little fingers in and pretend they’re rings. Then pull them off later to find a smear of brown paste on your skin, what have you been doing?! They have much the same texture and feel as the Chocolate Crisp but with a bit more crunch to them. Hence the name. Not so bad, but I really don’t get on with chocolate orange flavouring. Certainly like no orange I’ve ever tasted. Should have called them Orange Crush too. Just because.

So BiscBits successfully transform two types of biscuit into bite sized treats. Just a shame they picked the boring ones. And you’ll probably get your fingers wet if you try to dunk them.


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