Currently Listening To: Purity Ring -Shrines

Purity Ring – Shrines 
Release Date: 24th July 2012
Genre: Synthpop 

So I’ve been listening to this new album from a new band called Shrines. No wait, I mean Purity Ring! I’ve been making this mistake for about two weeks now, ever the confusion with new bands. This is Purity Ring and their album is Shrines. Won’t make that mistake again.

Shrines is an album of dark electronic beats with a touch of hip hop sprinkled here and there. It has a similar sound seen from the likes of Bjork, The Knife, Fever Ray and Grimes; certainly great artists to be compared to. It doesn’t quite have the hook those artists do, as the tracks don’t vary a great deal in sound and scope, but the soft voiced dark fairy tale-esque lyrics and occasional rap segments bring the group their identity. It’s all incredibly chilled, perfect insomniac music to bring some atmosphere to the darkness of night. Sometimes reminds me of the music in Bejeweled 2. Which was awesome and really sucked me away from reality. This often does the same. Though no visual warp gates here.

An album to listen to when you are sitting in a comfy chair in the dead of night and want to sink further in. Well done Shrines! Hold on a minute…


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