Demon Nightmare

Demon Nightmare 
Author: Ryan Chambers 
Release Date: 2012

When I used to walk around Liverpool aimlessly I would often catch a glimpse of some winged figure hopping from rooftop to rooftop. I always thought it was just one of those giant seagulls which wander around the city centre, but it seems it was a demon! The city is a hot spot for evil after all, you just need to take a trip to St Johns Shopping Centre. 

Demon Nightmare is a tale of a werepyre, you can figure out what that consists of, called Nightmare who is on a hunt for the demon who killed his parents and trained him into the powerful beast he is today. It seems this demon named Falcon resides somewhere within Liverpool, so Nightmare goes about each night hopping from roof to roof until something happens. Not particularly the best detective work in the world, but when monsters keep popping up to have a shot at Nightmare, he doesn’t really have to do any proper hard-boiled work.

The story is relentless on the action and there is little time to breathe, no room for mystery, motivations and character development. The heroes are all rather nice to each other and grin a hell of a lot, while the monsters remain largely nondescript and rarely cause much stress for our heroes. A full story is there, but one chapters worth of material takes place in a page, taking time to slowly detail the journey of Nightmare would stop everything from being told rather than shown. A longer length would also bring forth all the materials it lacks. There is also some confusion on what gender Nightmare’s monster hunting pal Billy is. He and her comes up so often I just put it down as a hermaphrodite. Pretty bold, but I’m aware a new draft has sorted this. Should be a hermaphrodite hunter.

Demon Nightmare has a template, but it seems to be an idea bubbling away waiting to burst out into the streets of Liverpool. I think it was just a seagull I saw.


4 thoughts on “Demon Nightmare

  1. Correct in what you wrote in the review, which is why the new draft was increased in length (though I will admit it still has lots on a page) and quite a lot of book was supposed to be used to give the main character development in the 2nd book (now being proof read) but I will agree completely that it does not have all it could, and seems more of an idea.

  2. Nad just to let you know, the gender of BIllie/Billy did change due to the person who’s character it is wanting to change them from Female to Male, and so the 1st draft you had, still held the errors in correction, but I do still agree with you :)

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