Psychoville Halloween

Psychoville Halloween 
Release Date: 10th October 2011
Director: Matt Lipsey
Rating: 15

Watching a Halloween special in August isn’t unusual at all! Much like Christmas, Halloween comes earlier every year! I’ve already seen some folks walking around with their masks on. I think they’re masks anyway… Creepy things happen everyday in Psychoville, but the Halloween special tells tales of monsters, ghouls and Mr. Jelly getting funky with a busty babe. Brr.

The Halloween special is included with Series 2, but that is a gimped version with one of the spooky tales torn from the torso. The standalone Halloween DVD puts everything back in its right place and so this is the complete edition fans should be checking out. A few extras are thrown in for good measure, but the main draw of owning this is to get the whole special so the Lomax tale can be seen once more. And it is a story worth seeing as the once blind men gets a new set of eyes to play with.

The special is a return to Ravenhill hospital, now abandoned and suitable for a ghost based TV show. Location scouter Phil scoots around with the guy who suggested the spot and as they explore they tell stories they’ve heard. Each of the stories features a character from the show and they feel a little like those Simpson Tree House of Horror specials in which the characters go through disturbing situations unrelated to the show at hand. Mr. Jelly is spooked by two ghost children as he tries to have his perfect Halloween night, Nurse Joy struggles to keep her house tidy due to her fake baby, Lomax gains a set of eyes and starts seeing someone else’s life and Maureen and David end up nabbing a lift to a party but think the drive may be a killer.

They’re stuffed full of horror references and are constantly hilarious, sometimes even a little creepy. The special isn’t essential to get the whole story, but it is worth seeing just for the American Werewolf in London style transformation. It’s a shame Robert the dwarf didn’t get a story, but they had to squeeze it all into an hour. There is some attempt to tie the Ravenhill tour into the main plot and it works to a degree, but at the same time it exposes a gaping time hole. In Series 1 the Christmas lights are turned on shortly before the grand finale, while the special is set on Halloween and is set on the same day as the final episode from the last series. I just like to say that Christmas comes earlier each year and they just had the lights powered on in late October, or Robert’s story may have concluded later than the Ravenhill climax. Whatever the case, it is clear the link has been forced in as neither Phil nor his buddy get a single mention within series 2. It is merely a tool to hype the next series while highlighting the importance of the locket. It works if you don’t fuss over the timeline.

It may be August, but the Psychoville Halloween special is worth watching any day of the year. Apart from Halloween, as it may be too scary for consumption on that cursed night.


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