ButterFox 3DS XL 12in1 Deluxe Kit

After dealing with the monster Nintendo DS Universal Hard Case which is great for cold hard storage but not so great for pocket carrying, I ended up stumbling across this to aid my empty pocket blues. A soft case suitable for big pockets, like my own clown trousers I wear, and the 3DS XL sits snugly inside without feeling like being in a nuclear shelter. It’s light and specifically made for the 3DS XL, so no hand me downs from the DS family here. ButterFox has done good by providing a case for the new beastly handheld. It’s even done in three colours so you can be lame and match if up with the colour XL you own. I didn’t of course…

It also comes with a bunch of other stuff: Three game cases, headphones, stylus, USB charger, cloth, screen protectors and car charger which makes a decent general kit for those who need it. I just wanted the case, I don’t know what I’m going to do with the tat. Never been able to get the screen protectors on properly either. I get stuck after I’ve placed them on my eyebrows.


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