The Adventures Of Shuggy

The Adventures Of Shuggy
Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1-2
Online: 2
Price: 400 ms points
Genre: Platformer 
Release Date: 15th June 2011
Smudged Cat Games, Valcon Games 

There is always trouble when moving into a new pad. The last owners always seem to leave a mess and in Shuggy’s case, a whole lot of monsters. Before he can even think of redecorating Shuggy must shoo them all out by defeating the bosses in each corner of his new home. And bag himself some gems on the way. People always leave loose change. Pennies make pounds as they say. Green gems seem to make keys. 

The Adventures Of Shuggy is a platformer with the main objective being these glittering green delights. At first it is a simple task of running and jumping in the small 2D stages and dodging spiders, mossies and other nasties. But new mechanics are quickly introduced and you’ll have Shuggy rotating stages, switching between multiple Shuggy’s, playing with teleporters and avoiding touching yourself while you run from switch to switch. Of course by touching yourself I mean the past version of Shuggy who pops on-screen when the timer makes a full cycle, you can still touch yourself while you play if that’s what you like to do. There is a wide variety of ways to play meaning the game rarely gets dull over the 100+ stages, and there is even a co-op campaign and versus modes for those who find haunted houses a little too scary alone.

The Adventures Of Shuggy is like a bag of Haribo due to the mix of tasty game mechanics it offers,  but it has a fair share of sour horrors which are hard to accept. Booting the game up can often lead to a blank screen and online functions sometimes don’t work. Hit detection with enemies also feels unnatural which leads to untimely deaths. Some of the game styles are a bit dodgy too; I’m sure very few people will enjoy forcing little blobs called Shmu through levels by stomping on them and hoping they land on the correct platform. He has a house full of tricks, but he needs to get an electrician round to sort out the kinks.



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