Bobo Tea

Bobo tea seems to be a new craze spreading around the cities, so keep an eye out before you’re covered in the stuff and clueless to what all those lumpy bits are. They could be jelly, they could be bubbles, they could be tapioca. Or human guts! They feel funny whatever you end up with.

Take a fruity iced tea, slush, milky tea or smoothie and throw in these juicy bits to make a Bobo tea. It’s certainly a strange sensation when you take a sip of a drink and feel a rubbery lump of gunk brush against your tongue. Biting down isn’t so bad though, especially if you take the bubble option as they explode upon crunching and a fruity burst of flavour sweeps around your insides. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is a welcome change to boring old tea. Probably isn’t good for you though. The warning signs were in Chinese.

I think the tiger is saying ‘you’re going to die’ and the angel is saying ‘Isn’t Bobo just a rip off of Boba?’ I think.


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