Currently Listening To: L7 – Hungry For Stink

L7 Hungry For Stink 
Release Date: 12th July 1994
Genre: Grunge 
Slash Records 

Louder, rawer, heavier; god damn I’m hungry for stink. 

The aggression ramped up ten fold as L7 went more to metal side of grunge, this contains no pop beats like ‘Pretend We’re Dead’, that’s for sure. The music deals with topics such as depression, stalkers and death and thanks to the empowering guitar riffs and screaming vocals they have weight. ‘Baggage’  really puts forward how someone can have some past issues in a way most people just couldn’t. You just got to scream as loud as you can in their ear and maybe they’ll get the message that you do indeed have baggage. Because of the noise nothing is as instantly accessible as ‘Bricks Are Heavy’ but it eventually sinks in and becomes the perfect album to listen to when society is just bringing you down.

The likes of ‘Questioning My Sanity‘ and ‘Talk Box‘ offer a more psychedelic tone as the guitar riffs draw you into their dark grimy lifestyle. The mix of witty and harshness is just as addictive as before, only this time it aims to push out the masses who jumped on board thanks to their power punk hit. There is a mellow side too with ‘Stuck Here Again‘ which has that stuck in a rut feeling. They sing about wanting to kill someone in the same track, but still mellow! The mix of punk and metal still mixes well and this is a much more livelier album than most grunge acts. Even when they’re feeling bad they’re still acting wild.

An album to listen to when you have some issues.


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